I LOVE school.
My favorit song is "Sing".
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My favorite movie is lego batman.
My favorite color is pink.
My favorite snack is A Spoon Full of peanutbutter.
The best place I've been to is Florida/Disny.
I love baths.
I like to play on my i-pad for fun.
Dalia is a good friend.
Max is a good baby friend.
My favorite anamal is a giraffe.
My favorite fruit is strawberies.
My favorite food is pasta.
I love grammy pammy and papa T.
I like puzzles.
My favorite song is decpasito.
I like camping.
I love prinsesses.
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My top 5 favorite moviescenter>
  1. tmnt
  2. Sing
  3. zootopia
  4. horton hears a who
  5. trolls